Do you want to extend the life of your machines?

We offer equipment and materials for regeneration and hardfacing, also we can also do it for you. Contact us to find out how much you can save thanks to reconditioning of your machines.

You don’t want to buy expensive CNC machines?

Do not waste your time and money on buying, assembling and operating CNC devices. We can do it! We are able to perform high quality services in milling, honing, turning or drilling.

Are you from the plastics processing industry?

We manufacture plastifying systems, valves, nozzles and regenerate them. We will also help in the verification of the condition of the plastifying system, we will make appropriate measurements, and if necessary, we will recreate technical drawings. We guarantee high precision of workmanship.

You don’t know how to start?

We do! We have many years of experience in providing solutions for hardfacing, regeneration and production of plastifying systems. Do not hesitate to use our knowledge.

See what we can do for you!

We specialize in regeneration and hardfacing, but we can do for you much more! We manufacture plastifying systems, valves for engines and castings of various alloys (nickel, cobalt). We provide materials and machines for hardfacing, regeneration and spraying. We offer advanced services on CNC machines, starting from grinding and turning to honing and deep drilling. We prepare and reconstruct technical documentation as well as modify existing solutions to optimize production. Please contact us. We always talk to our customers and we can help you to optimise your equipment by using our know-how!


Production and regeneration of plastifying systems

We manufacture and recondition/repair parts for plastic injection molding machines and extruders.


Exceptional accuracy of honing holes thanks to modern and precise machines.

Deep drilling

We make deep and precise drilling in various metals.

CNC Services

Do you want to create an element according to the pattern in the file? Let this to us!

Plasma welding

We manufacture and regenerate plastifying systems using plasma powder welding technology.

Spray metallization

We have modern equipment allowing for the regeneration of used plungers, shafts, pistons, pivots.

Materials for hardfacing, regeneration and metal spraying

A wide range of materials with different hardness and different applications.

Equipment for welding, regeneration and metal spraying

A comprehensive range of equipment for welding, regeneration and spraying. 


We make casts based on cobalt and nickel.

Wear plates

We make abrasion plates in powder or plasma welding.

For all customers!

Technical consultancy

We will advise, prepare or reconstruct your technical documentation.

Turn on the benefits!

Why invest in expensive machines, look for qualified staff that will ensure the right quality of components, waste time to absorb technology? It’s all a huge expense that you can save! Pass these tasks to someone who will see it quickly and professionally! Pass these tasks to us!


Download our catalogue and see what we can offer you!

Why should you trust us?

We have many years of experience in providing services and materials for surfacing and regeneration, and as a result, we have the competence to be your certified supplier! We have been manufacturing and regenerating systems for plastics processing for many years. We make and remake technical documentation and scrupulously care for the quality of services.

Our qualified staff will take care of you at every stage of the project.


We are partner to the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster.
We are a part of RYWAL-RHC capital group.

Write us!

Do you want to learn more about us, our services or realizations? We are waiting for a message from you! Our sales consultants are at your disposal!

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