CNC services

In our machine park we have a universal DMG MORI DMF 600 LINEAR machining center.

DMF 600 is one of the most advanced machines in the 5-axis version for simultaneous, complete, efficient and very precise machining of details.

We can offer our customers highly productive machining including shafts of generators, crankshafts, dies, molds, gears, screws and other elements with complex shapes.

We offer machining services using modern technologies, we guarantee high quality and good prices.


Supported axes X,Y,Z,A,B
Axes range X, Y, Z 6.000/1.100/900
Axes range A/B 360°/+-100°
Maximum table load in the 3-axis range 10.000 kg
Quick passing 80/60/60 m/min
Spindle rotation range 20/10.1000 rpm
Spindle torque 413/303 Nm
Spindle power 52/42 kW
Machining accuracy on the A, X, Y, Z axis 0,05/6000 mm
Positioning accuracy (VDI, DSQ 3441) P (X) < 14
P(Y/Z) < 10
Internal coolant for effective drilling 40 bar
Infrared and optical measuring probe Yes

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